S2E2 - Homesick

1 month ago

A strange rumor is spreading across America. While on the other side of the ocean, three gods awaken in the Queen’s castle. Now is the time to deal with them.

Content Warnings: Blood, violence, murder, drowning, alcohol, smoking, drugs, gunshots, injuries, racism, slavery and religious trauma. Some episodes may contain driving sounds so we advise against listening while in a car.

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Written and produced by Samy Souissi

  • Elio - Samy Souissi
  • Shinji - Tibet Boyer
  • Talia - Tami Ige
  • Asher - Patrick Hutcherson
  • La Catrina - Carolina Hoyos
  • Baron Samedi – AJ Bediako
  • Tempest - Safiyya Ingar
  • Caleb - Rhys Downing
  • Joan - Emma Blacklay-Piech
  • Nessa - Georgia McKenzie
  • Cece - Mei Konishi
  • King Thomas - Alex Stewart


  • Omens - Morgan Nichols
The rights to the story, and all characters, of Desperado belong to Samy Souissi.